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Curlene C. Nelson, attended Brooklyn College and earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science. Prior to her graduation Curlene joined a software development company as an Implementation Analyst where she was instrumental in the set up, design and the day to day operations of training, implementing as well as the of writing proprietary computer software for Fortune 500 Companies. Upon graduation she was at the tender age (early thirties) promoted to Director of Operations and Customer Support serving their National and International Customer base.

Curlene with a demanding position required her to travel to most of the 48 contiguous States within the United States. She showing true dedication by working through the wee hours of the mornings to get her projects completed on or before time.

In 2010 Curlene and Ian decided to become and entrepreneurs and started their own telephony and computer company, Nelson Company Learning Academy, (NCLA). The company’s mission is to provide quality but yet affordable computer training and services, customized to fit the needs and current skill level of businesses and individuals.

Classes are very personalized and class size ranges from 1 to 500 students per session. Students are trained on the use of many software applications such as MS word and its accompanying suite of applications. In 2012 NCLA was expanded to include training and implementing for small to mid-size businesses.

Curlene believes that success could not have been possible without God being in the driver’s seat so in this same year (2010) Curlene and her family joined a small church, in her home town of Queens. In 2011 she launched her “brainchild” The Sisters and Mothers Foundations where she publicly honors mothers who she refers to as unsung heroines. This Foundation focuses on mothers of all ages but primarily older mothers who have dedicated their lives to their church and communities through hard work and sacrifice and were not recognized for their contributions. She sees this as her duty to make these unsung heroines get their over due recognition as they are gems among us through the grace of God.

Curlene, with all of her activities can be found in wee hours of morning at her computer securing funds for S&M Foundation. She still worships at her small church and is excited about pursuing her Masters Degree in Allied Health and a PHD in religious studies. 

Ian W. Nelson, attended Brooklyn College majoring in Computer Science and is currently pursuing his HIT certification at NCC.  

In 1999 Ian joined Coffee Sugar Cocoa Exchange/New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) as the Lead Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst, he implemented and managed the Quality Assurance program including policy and procedures for migrating software from development to QA to production. Ian also implemented and managed a Change control process to ensure the safe and orderly updating of software and all necessary changes to the production environment. 

Functioning as the Database Administrator in 1990, Ian supported the HP NonStop SQL database. He was the key member of Exchange’s Disaster Recovery Team. His team was very instrumental in permitting the exchange to seamlessly recovery from 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. Ian’s responsibilities also included managing the Quality Assurance unit, functioning as the Database Administrator for the NonStop SQl database. He was the key member of the Disaster Recovery team and the key member of the team to implement NYBOT’s Business Continuity Program. He was also responsible for the day to day management of the NYBOT Quality Assurance and Help Desk, Data Center, Technical Support.

In 2003, Ian managed the build out, test and implementation of a new data center in lower Manhattan.  He  was responsibilities included managing the day to day computer operations of a complex computing environment consisting of HP NonStop servers, IBM pSeries unix servers and HP Intel servers running Weblogic and WebSphere application software, DB2 and Oracle database software, Linux and Windows operating systems, Apache and IBM secure web servers and off the shelf software to bridge the HP NonStop to the IBM and HP Intel servers. Ian Managed the Quality Assurance unit and was responsible for testing and certifying all system  He   an

During Ian busy time he successfully managed a staff of 22 technical professionals including Database Administrators, AIX/Unix Administrations, Windows/Linux Administrators, Computer Operators and Help Desk. He managed the IT Disaster Recovery program ensuring that all business applications were adequately backed up at disaster recovery site and scheduling and execution of quarterly disaster recovery tests. This included test documentation and test results. 

Ian was also responsible for company wide Business Continuity Program including updating and maintaining of the Business Continuity Plan, scheduling annual company wide testing and representing NYBOT at Futures Industries Disaster Recovery forums and lectures. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Program allowed exchange to seamlessly recover from Aug 2004 eastern seaboard power outage.Ian company wide
Curlene C. Nelson, Co-President
Ian W. Nelson, Co-President